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El corno emplumado 29

Table of contents

i Kafka, Franz "You can hold yourself back from the sufferings of the world"
i Char, Rene "Doubt is found at the source of all greatness."
2 Randall, Margaret "Una revista de la Ciudad de México"
3-4   Untitled
5 Mondragón, Gregory Untitled
6 Randall, Margaret "Nota de los editores"
7 Randall, Margaret "Editor's Note"
8,10 Felipe, León "Auschwitz"
9, 11 Felipe, León; Translator(s): Randall, Margaret "Auschwitz"
10, 12 Felipe, León "Generaciones"
11, 13 Felipe, León; Translator(s): Randall, Margaret "Generations"
13 Felipe, León "Sé todos los cuentos"
14 Felipe, León; Translator(s): Randall, Margaret "I Know All the Stories"
15-24 Fuller, R. Buckminster "This is Your Grand Strategy"
25-35 Fuller, R. Buckminster; Translator(s): de Azuela, Marcela W. "Esta es su gran estrategía"
36-37   Untitled
38 Cohen, Robert David Untitled
39 Plymell, Charles "Drug Drag"
40-43 Coleman, Victor "Sketch from a Letter"
44 Cohen, Allen "Portrait of my Brother"
45-46 Eigner, Larry (three poems)
47-49 Navarro, Fernando Cedo el paso a tanta Fernanda
50-67 Walsh, Rodolfo "Fotos"
68-72 Kurtycz, Marcos Untitled
73-76 Neto, Joao Cabral de Melo; Translator(s): Colchie, Thomas (Landscape of the Capibaribe)
77 Levertov, Denise "Biafra"
78 Levertov, Denise "He-Who-Came-Forth"
79-80 Fernlinghetti, Lawrence "The Third World"
80-81 Fernlinghetti, Lawrence "THE MIND OF CHE GUEVARA A DAY AFTER HIS DEATH"
82-83 Goldfarb, Sidney "The Man Who Just Passed"
83 Gil, Eduardo Kuri Untitled
84 Paz, Octavio Tuvieron ustedes, hace algún tiempo
84, 86 Paz, Octavio "México: Olimpiada de 1968"
85 Paz, Octavio; Translator(s): Strand, Mark Some time ago, you had the politeness to invite me
85, 87 Paz, Octavio; Translator(s): Strand, Mark "Mexico: the XIX Olympiad"
88-94 "An Italian Marxist"; Georgakas, Dan "Franz Fanon During the Last Years: A Reminiscense"
95-102 "An Italian Marxist"; Georgakas, Dan; Translator(s): Guzmán, Jorge A. "En los ultimos años de Franz Fanon: un recuerdo"
103 Mondragón, Gregory Untitled
103   Untitled
104 Mondragón, Sergio "Con esta fecha quedo separado (y unido)"
Inset Siegel, Laurence Untitled
105-106 Guillermón Untitled
107-111 Arrabal; Translator(s): Navarro, Bertha "Auto entrevista"
111 Cohen, Robert David Untitled
112-117 Arrabal "Primera comunión"
117 Gil, Eduardo Kuri Untitled
118-120   Untitled
121-122 Economou, George "Technicians of the Sacred"
122-123 Reynolds, Tim "Poemas humanos Human Poems by César Vallejo"
123-124 Gil, Eduardo Kuri "Libros Recibidos"
125-139 Luce, Ralph, Jr.; "an angry British subject"; Kern, Robert; 2 cartas de la cárcel; Avila, Leopoldo Cartas Letters
140-143 Randall, Margaret "Notas sobre los colaboradores"
143-150   Untitled
153   The Following Friends Made This Issue Possible