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Exhibit Page

Table of contents

4-5 Editorial  
6 El Machete  
7-8 Chicago Commencement  
9-12 The Mexican-American and the Church Chavez, César E.
13-17 El Méjico-Americano Y La Iglesia Chavez, César E.
18-20 Police and Professionalization Vega, William A.
21-28 Portfolio Yañez, René
29-33 The Mexican-Dixon Line: Rights of Passage for Alien Commuter Labor Ortego, Philip D.
34-35 man's humanity Villareal, Alberto
36-37 Horror is the Name of the Game Martinez, Al
38-40 The Sociology of Being A Mexican-Russian: A Letter from England Vaca, Nick C.
41 lo negro) ... Pérez Diaz, Roberto
41 un instante ... Pérez Diaz, Roberto
42-48 Justice and the Mexican-American Morales, Armando