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Exhibit Page

Table of contents

2 Editorial: Volume I, Number 1  
3-4 Editorial: Volume II, Number 1  
5-12 The Poetry of Alurista  
6 Mis Ojos Hinchados Alurista
7 Canto de Ranas Viejas Alurista
7-8 Tarde Sobria Alurista
8-9 Grietas Paredes Alurista
9 Nuestro Barrio Alurista
10 Must Be the Season of the Witch Alurista
10 I've Been Conditioned Alurista
11 Unexpectedly: My Night Gloom Came Alurista
11 I Found a Picture Alurista
12 Salsa con Crackers Alurista
12 Can This Really Be the End? Alurista
13-26 The Anthropolgy and Sociology of the Mexican-Americans: the Distortion of Mexican-American History Romano-V, Octavio Ignacio
27-32 -- Es Aqui -- Dice Felipe Villavicencio, Silvio
33-39 "It is Here," Says Felipe Villavicencio, Silvio
40-48 The Black Phase Vaca, Nick C.